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Sales Ledger
Purchase Ledger
Purchase Orders
This module enables you to create and send Purchase Orders. Reports will help you plan and place orders, based on your current stock levels and sales orders.
Sales Orders
This module enables you to create order confirmations and keep track of upcoming deliveries to your customers. Reports show you what needs to be delivered and ordered and at what time.
Get more control of your retail business with the POS module. Intuitive touch-screen interface, easy to set up buttons, different payment methods and clear end of the day routines. Fully integrated with accounting and sales.


Additional User
Additional User
The Additional User functionality allows an extra user to log in to your database and work simultaneously with any other users already logged in. You can connect client / server using the server platforms available for download.


Multi Locations
The Multi-location InApp allows you to keep stock in many locations (e.g. warehouses, stores or sections of the warehouse). Various reports such as the Stock List can be filtered by location. Note: This InApp requires the Stock Module
Number Series
The Number Series InApp enables you to use different number series' for each type of record such as Invoices and Receipts and also, to have a unique series for each financial year.
This function enables you to make changes to the designs of your Standard Documents such as Quotations, Order Confirmations and Invoices.
Item Groups
The Item Group InApp allows you to assign a number of Stock Items to an Item Group, and then to produce reports by item group. For example, you may have 20 types of guitars in stock, all of which could be assigned to an Item Group called “Guitars”. If the Nominal Ledger In-App is activated, you will also be able to assign Sales and Cost accounts per Item Group.