Module Packages

POS Premium Package

Are you ready to automate your test POS workspace? The POS Premium package will take you to a new level of decision making.

• Save manual work with automated accounting
• Accounts Payable
• General Ledger with auto-bookings
• Account Reconciliation
• Register and manage your checks
• Create quotes and send them directly to customers
• Manage customer returns
• Customize price lists for groups of customers
• Increase the precision in your reports with Objects
• Calculate bonuses and commissions payable
• Extensive reporting tools

29.00 USD
Advanced POS Inventory

Are you lacking organization of your POS inventory? Manage your inventory using the best industry standards.

• Keep track of your inventory levels
• Return inventory to vendors
• Inventory count
• Inventory adjustments
• Deficiencies report
• Price lists
• Primary cost models (FIFO and LIFO)
• Unlimited product categories
• Multi locations
29.00 USD


Serial Number Tracking
Track your items by batch or serial number and check the detailed history of each stocked item with serial number control.
9.00 USD
The Multi-location InApp allows you to keep stock in many locations (e.g. warehouses, stores or sections of the warehouse). Various reports such as the Stock List can be filtered by location. Note: This InApp requires the Stock Module
10.00 USD