Customer Letters
Send mass Email marketing campaigns and targeted mail-shots to your customers.
5.00 USD

The Avalara InApp allows the accurate calculation of sales tax in sales invoices and other sales transactions. Whenever you save a sales transaction, tax will be calculated and automatically and added to the transaction. Invoices will be stored in Avalara’s system, allowing you to file tax reports with the tax authorities quickly and easily. Tax calculations will be compliant with the requirements of the US and Canadian tax authorities.
3.00 USD
Keep your information safe by defining the access each user has to your database according to their role.
3.00 USD
Digital Office Premium Package

Stay competitive, aligning technology and business processes to accomplish high levels of efficiency for your business.
• Manage your sales or service pipeline with an easy drag and drop graphical interface.
• Securely store your important documents and Emails in multiple folders that can be accessed on a graphical interface
• End-to-end customer relationship management (CRM)
• Manage returned goods to customers
• Customer categories for contact management
• Share calendars and create detailed tasks

This package also includes:

• CRM Advanced Package and Workflow Overview
29.00 USD
19.00 USD
Workflow Overview
The Workflow Overview is a must have feature for any CRM administrator or salesperson. It outlines all business related activities in a single window giving an instant overview of what stage they are in. Manage your sales or service pipeline with an easy drag and drop graphical interface. You can also use this graphical interface to move Emails between customised folders.
10.00 USD