Module Packages

Basic Package

Are you spending too much time organizing your work? The Basic package provides you with the tools to run the essential operations of your small business.

• Save time on manual work with Integrated Accounting
• Benefit from powerful reporting tools
• Keep track of your inventory

The package also includes:

• Emailing invoices to your customers straight from the app
• Customer relationship management (CRM)
• Structured records (Number series)
• Product categories for bookkeeping
• Increase the precision in your reports with Objects
• Accounts Receivable
• Accounts Payable
• General Ledger

9.00 USD
Business Package

Is your business growing? With the Business package, Standard Accounts can expand with you!

• Up to 3 users can be logged in simultaneously
• Create quotes and invoices and send them directly to customers via email
• Extensive reporting tools
• Register and manage your checks

This package also includes:

• Free and Basic packages

19.00 USD
Premium Package

Are you ready to automate your business tasks? The Premium package will take you to a new level of decision making.
• Setup access rights for employees
• Create and send purchase and sales orders directly from the app
• Manage returned goods to vendors
• Manage returned goods to customers
• Customize price lists for groups of customers
• Transaction in multiple currencies
• Calculate bonuses and commissions payable
• Customer relationship management (CRM)

This package also includes:

• Free, Basic and Business packages
29.00 USD
Advanced Inventory

Are you lacking organization of your POS inventory? Manage your inventory using the best industry standards.

• Keep track of your inventory levels
• Returned inventory to vendor
• Inventory count
• Inventory adjustments
• Deficiencies report
• Price lists
• Primary cost models (FIFO and LIFO)
• Unlimited product categories
• Multi locations
29.00 USD


Serial Number Tracking
Track your items by batch or serial number and check the detailed history of each stocked item with serial number control.
9.00 USD

The Avalara InApp allows the accurate calculation of sales tax in sales invoices and other sales transactions. Whenever you save a sales transaction, tax will be calculated and automatically and added to the transaction. Invoices will be stored in Avalara’s system, allowing you to file tax reports with the tax authorities quickly and easily. Tax calculations will be compliant with the requirements of the US and Canadian tax authorities.
3.00 USD
This InApp allows you to create downpayment invoices to your customer. After delivering your items, you can then clear it against the final invoice.
3.00 USD